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The benefits of balancing the mind and body are almost endless.

What is a Sound Meditation?

Sound Meditation is a form of meditation that uses sound as a vehicle to promote deep relaxation and has many health benefits (see below). 

Sound meditation is very similar to Yoga Nidra/Deep Relaxation that typically occurs at the end of a yoga class with the added component of sound meditation instruments being played during the deep relaxation. Typically, instruments include crystal singing bowls, chimes, gongs and drums among other instruments.  Sound meditation can be experienced by lying on mat, sitting in a chair or any position that is comfortable.


Health Benefits of Sound Meditation

Lowers blood pressure

Reduces stress

Improves sleep

Can help relieve chronic pain

Relieves anxiety

Promotes balance

Improves energy

Promotes inner harmony

Enhances clarity

Balances the chakras

Promotes inner peace

Promotes a sense of well-being

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