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Corporate Wellness

Serving your Corporate Wellness Needs

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Save your company money

According to a recent survey, 61% of companies have found wellness programs to be among the

three most effective ways to keep healthcare costs down.


In fact, 90% of all healthcare expenditures are spent on health issues that could have been avoided by participating in a wellness program.


Companies offering wellness programs experience less employee illness, drastically reducing healthcare costs by about $3.27 for every dollar invested.

Increase employee morale, loyalty and productivity

According to US Corporate Wellness, employees who participate in wellness programs are two

or more times more likely to stay at their company than non-participants.

With the cost of replacing an employee as high as 60% of the employees salary, wellness plans are the more affordable option.


Employees who maintain an active and healthy lifestyle result in lower annual work day costs because they take fewer sick days and therefore get more work done. That’s an average savings of $350 per employee.


Attract top talent

There are a growing number of small-to-medium sized businesses incorporating additional

wellness benefits in the workplace. This is the direct result of a growing number of job seekers

(87%) who use an employer’s health and wellness benefits as a determining factor when deciding

where to apply.

Source: Connect Workplace White Paper,

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