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Strengthen Your Forgiveness Muscles- Forgiveness Meditation 1/9/23

Forgiveness Meditation 1/9/23

What are some of the Costs of Unforgiveness?

-insomnia -anxiety -depression -stress -feeling burdened

-elevated -elevated -low energy -lack of joy -feeling drained

Cortisol levels acid level

-lack of creative -creativity -inability to manifest dreams & live best life

Flow blocked. -vengeful thoughts & feelings

-scarcity -lack of -feelings of -anger -resentment

Programming gratitude entitlement

-feeling like a -brooding -inability to -inability to -Body pain, aches,

Victim connect Love illness, disease


Forgiveness Meditation 1/9/23

What are some of the Benefits of forgiveness?

-peace -ease -grace -flow -self-acceptance

-gratitude -freedom -abundance -energy -more alkaline body

-joy -lightness -reduced -creativity -creative flow



-manifesting -compassion for self

Dreams -compassion for others

-Love flows easily and effortlessly

-a more authentic self emerges

-connect more easily with others

-Focus shifts from “Why Me?” “I’m a victim” to helping others

Forgiveness Meditation 1/9/23

Begin Discussion on Resolutions

Have you set New Year’s Resolution(s)?

Have you considered making a resolution to forgive someone or yourself this year?

If not, perhaps this might be an opportunity to weigh the costs of forgiveness against the benefits/blessings of forgiveness?

Do you want more anxiety, stress, depression and elevated cortisol and acid levels in the body in 2023?

Do you want more peace, ease, grace and lower cortisol and acid levels in your body in 2023?

The choice is yours. You don’t have to forgive everything right here, just set the resolution/intention to be open to forgiveness this year.

Forgiveness Meditation 1/9/23

Introduce the Role of Connecting with our resolve to manifest resolutions/intentions.

Have you ever set a resolution and had it fail to manifest?

Has that happened to you already this year?

Did you know that many resolutions fail to manifest because they are not connected to our resolve—you know that feeling when you reach the point of saying “I’m DONE with X” and mean it & feel it in every cell of your body; reflect- break-up with abusive partner, employer or unhealthy habit/addiction.

-Remember how a steely calm comes over you, your eyes shift and you are beyond emotion—YOU ARE JUST DONE.

-For many of us, it takes a long time and a zero tolerance for one more broken promise, excuse or mistreatment before we tap into the anger in our core and say (AND MEAN) NO MORE. PERIOD. OVER. MOVE ON.

Forgiveness Meditation 1/9/23

Introduce the Role of Connecting with our resolve to manifest resolutions/intentions, continued…

If you have ever felt bad about setting a resolution for something you really want to manifest, there is no reason to feel bad; it may mean that you just are NOT YET- angry, frustrated, disappointed, disgusted, or FED UP enough for your resolution to connect with your resolve.

Your Resolve is YOUR TRUTH & when you are ONE with YOUR TRUTH—the unacceptable habit/behavior cannot stand in harmony with YOUR TRUTH &

You ARE INSTANTLY CHANGED & cannot & will not tolerate less.

RESOLVE DOES NOT EQUAL COURAGE; It is beyond courage & in that Moment of ONENESS with your RESOLVE—YOU DON’T care how long it takes, how much it costs---Obstacles & Barriers ARE OVERCOME.

Truth: When our Resolution connects to our Resolve,

Obstacles Dissolve

Forgiveness Meditation 1/9/23

Lead Mala Bead-Mantra Meditation

-Invite participants to join in mala bead mantra meditation to help remove any obstacles to connecting their resolution with their resolve

(Offer option to quietly meditate in any way that is comfortable for them as an alternative)

Mantra: “Om Ganesh Namah” -Obstacles dissolve in our resolve

Context: In Hindu culture, there are Gods/Goddesses symbolizing various virtues/powers. Ganesh takes the form of a boy with an elephant head is worshipped as the “Remover of all obstacles”

Sidebar: Lord Ganesha clears the obstacles and paves the way for us to move forward in life. · The large elephant head of Lord Ganesha symbolizes wisdom, understanding, and a discriminating intellect that one must possess to attain perfection in life.

-Hand out beads, offer primer and lead meditation

-Ring singing bowl at beginning & end….Namaste.

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